Regan Grimes admits he had to make up a lie in order to leave.

Regan Grimes is continuing to improve and build an incredible physique that is ready for major competitions. Grimes decided to switch trainers after a disappointing finish at the Olympia this year and it seemed to work immediately. He earned qualification to the 2022 Olympia after picking up a victory at the KO Pro Egypt.

To build a championship physique, there is a lot of hard work and dedication that has to be put in. Grimes decided to take his training to the next level and visit the famous Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. In an interview, Grimes opened up about the overly aggressive training style he was apart of.

Grimes spent about six or seven weeks training at the Oxygen Gym and out on significant weight in a short amount of time. Grimes admitted he did not feel his best and was struggling to keep up with the intensity of the workouts.

“Abdullah (Alotaibi) would be like ‘See ya downstairs at 12 o’clock,’ and then we would get started. Two guys would load the plates up and the weights, and he would be guiding. It was quite the system, it was crazy,” Grimes said.

“I was there, honestly for a total of six, seven weeks. I did put on, oh man, I think I went out there like 260, and I had almost hit 300lb. Like, it was fast, fast… I felt awful. I felt horrible. It was just overly aggressive in every aspect. I mean, we were training twice some days. Literally, I would be in my bed with meals around me, like I was eating nonstop around the clock.”

Not only was Kuwait not the right environment for Grimes, but it was not ideal for his significant other as well. Grimes explained that she joined him on the trip but left after just a few days. The conservative environment in Kuwait parlayed with Grimes’ training schedule did not make for a great trip.

Grimes’ partner was not the only one who left early. The bodybuilder decided to cut the trip short after about a month and a half. He admitted that to do so, Grimes had to make up a lie as to why he had to leave because the trainers were unhappy about the decision.

“They were very mad (about me leaving). I actually said that I was going to go home for Christmas. I had to use an excuse, they weren’t going to let me go home, I don’t think. I can’t say they weren’t going to let me, but they would’ve done everything in my power to convince me not to go, so I was like ‘I gotta go home, I’ve never missed a Christmas with my family.”

Regan Grimes is not the first person to speak out about this level of intensity from the Oxygen Gym. While the regimen was not for Grimes, there are others that have gone and enjoyed the level of workout and results. This is not a system that might be for everyone but the results do not lie.

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