Big Ramy received the proper welcome upon returning to Egypt after winning the Olympia.

Mamdouh Elssbiay, better known as Big Ramy, is now a couple weeks removed from successfully defending his title at the Olympia. This was his second-straight victory which now has him solidified at the top of bodybuilding. Big Ramy recently returned home to Egypt and was welcomed back in a big way.

Big Ramy took to Instagram to show off the welcome he received when he arrived at the airport. The EgyptAir crew setup a display of balloons welcoming him back. He was then asked to hang around for some pictures with a crowd that was gathered to see him.

This welcome was no surprise given the level that bodybuilding has risen to around the world. The sport is becoming huge in other countries and this includes Egypt. In fact, this is one area where bodybuilding is beginning to really take off. To have a competitor the level of Big Ramy represent the country means a lot and it shows.

The welcome he received this year is similar to what Big Ramy was greeted with a year ago. In 2020, Big Ramy took home his first Olympia title by defeating 2019 champion Brandon Curry. He has now topped Curry in each of the previous two competitions and he will continue to defend his title.

Big Ramy was greeted by the pilot and staff once they landed. He had to be escorted through the airport because of the crowds that gathered to see him. This continued once he left the airport and went outside. He has become a hero in Egypt and it has shown with the attention he has been receiving.

Last week, it was announced that Big Ramy’s hometown of Kafr El Sheikh would have a square named after him. It is clear that there will continue to be recognition for Big Ramy’s accomplishments and rightfully so.

There was a bit of controversy following this year’s competition. There were many that believed Hadi Choopan was the best conditioned athlete on stage. This might have made some question the victory but that should not be the case. He entered the competition at 305 pounds of muscle. Big Ramy continued to be the perfect blend of mass and conditioning.

Big Ramy has made it clear that he will continue to defend his title for years to come. His reputation is solidified and he has a chance to build on it. Either way, he is already a hero in his home country and that is worth plenty.

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