Shanique Grant has officially announced her retirement from competitive bodybuilding.

Just as the world prepared to celebrate the new year and look towards new beginnings, it seems that Shanique Grant was doing the same with a major announcement. On December 31, 2020, 2x Women’s Physique Olympia champion Shanique Grant officially announced her retirement. She made the formal announcement via her YouTube channel.

The video in question was titled “WHAT’S NEXT…?” and looks towards the new year and her future. At about the 7:30 minute mark – she specifically goes into her decision to retire:

“I have been and I am ready to finally announce my retirement. There’s so much more life to live… At 25 years old and living out here in Las Vegas, I have never been anywhere besides where my boyfriend, Jeff, took me for my birthday, and that was the first time I ever stayed on the strip. I’m ready to live my life. I’m ready to be a mom. I’m ready to be a wife.”

– Shanique Grant

It appears that Shanique Grant has decided that she would rather focus on other opportunities in her life, specifically focusing on her loved ones and family.

This decision comes after a successful career in the Women’s Physique division. Shanique Grant earned herself two Olympia titles with repeat victories in 2018-2019. Grant’s professional bodybuilding career started in 2014 when she earned her pro card. Her next major victory came two years later at the New York Pro in 2016. From that moment on, she skyrocketed to success. This not only took the form of her two previously mentioned Olympia wins but also a win at the Arnold Classic 2018.

shanique grant

Earlier this year, Shanique Grant’s Olympia reign was unseated after a loss to Sarah Villegas. It was a shocking moment and true upset for many fans. To some, it was the most controversial decision across all divisions during the Olympia weekend.

“Shanique Grant the bodybuilder might be going away, but I’m still here for you guys, my fans,” Grant stated in her YouTube video announcement. She continued:

“Of course, I’m still going to be in the gym killing weights. So much more content is coming. 2021 is going to be filled with so much excitement, so many blessings, and so much more happiness. I’m still here.”

It seems while Shanique Grant may be leaving the spotlight on the bodybuilding stage, she will continue to live the lifestyle. You can take the woman out of bodybuilding, but you can never take bodybuilding out of the woman. It will be exciting to see what new direction Grant takes as she moves forward into the next stage of her life and career.

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*Images courtesy of Shanique Grant’s official Instagram.

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