Maxx Charles details the experience of the last days of contest prep and how quickly things can change even in the final hours before a competition.

Most bodybuilding fans already know just how intense the final week of contest prep can be before a competition. It’s often known as hell week and for good reason. Dialing in your conditioning can be grueling. It can offset your mood and overall mindset. If your mind falls victim to the stress, this can have an effect on your body – essentially throwing off all your hard work. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Maxx Charles shares first hand experience of just how quickly a bodybuilding physique can change in the final days of prep. Even in the final hours before a competition, massive changes can occur.

While most people understand the general concept of hell week, most haven’t actually experienced it for themselves. Unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder, it’s not something a normal person or even fan of the sport would go through.

The key details of hell week are often understood. Bad mood swings, exhaustion, and stress are all factors that competitors have to go through. But even fans who understand these key elements might not grasp the reality of how intense the final days of prep can be.

During our conversation with Maxx Charles, we ask him about his personal experience with the final days of competition prep. Charles shares some eye opening examples from his past competitions that showcase how intense of a process can become. Not only that, but he shares just how much the physique can change in those final days. Even in the final hours right before stepping on stage.

Maxx Charles details past experiences being back stage right before a show. He discusses one scenario where, at first, he looked 5-6 weeks out from his peak. A concerning situation when you are about to step out on stage for sure. But then within just 30 minutes, his body changed. It dialed in and the conditioning started taking shape. He suddenly looked right on spot.

While this might sound shocking – it’s not even the ending of his story. He still had time to spare before he walked out onto the bodybuilding stage. Suddenly, the pressure set in. He started becoming overly critical of his body. Due to the the dehydration, this stress easily festered in his mind. Suddenly, he’s called to step out on stage. He looks at himself on the big screen being projected at the Olympia and realizes he looks off. His physique had changed again – most likely a reaction due to the stress and pressure.

This might all sound unbelievable. The truth is that bodybuilders bring themselves to the brink of what the human body can achieve leading up to a show. Those final days and even those final hours represent a moment where the athlete’s body is dialed into the most specific of details. One wrong move can have small – but noticeable ramifications on the physique. Though small, on the competitive level it’s enough to make a bodybuilder look shockingly different than the person right next to them.

The human body is hanging on by a thread in those final hours before a competition. Any wrong move both mental and physical can have adverse effects. Maxx Charles’ first hand story showcases just how shocking those changes can be and how fast they can occure.

You can watch Maxx Charles’ full comments on contest prep in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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