Milos Sarcev shares his thoughts on steroids being taboo and his methods being taboo along with it.

Milos Sarcev has very many years of experience working with steroids and insulin. But ultimately, he is not a doctor. He’s methods and his mentality on steroids and other performance enhancing drugs do not align with traditional medical thought and regulation. After years of going against the grain – does his taboo status bother him? And can his way of thinking ever go mainstream? Can steroid use change in the mainstream eye? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Milos Sarcev explains how he slowly tries to make steroids not taboo.

In our previous interview with The Anabolic Doc, he stated that gurus who provide recommendations or in depth advice on PEDs are “snake oil salesman.” He goes on to say that if a guru or coach does not have a medical license, they should not be suggesting protocols for steroid or other PED use.

Milos Sarcev sees it differently. In our final segment from our interview, Milos discusses his belief in his experience and research about steroid use and other drugs. It makes him a valuable assets to bodybuilders looking to enhance their physiques. If people like Milos are not providing guidance, bodybuilders will find themselves in more danger than not.

Yet still, most of the medical community falls on the side of The Anabolic Doc. There are rules, laws, and regulations in place that make it illegal for gurus to provide or recommend drugs like steroids. There’s a disconnect between the “underground” world of steroid users and the medical community as a whole. Will it ever change?

Milos Sarcev doesn’t mind his thinking being taboo. He’s used to it. He’s also always open to discussing his thoughts and opinions with any expert. While slow, he thinks this is the key towards changing the tide of steroid’s taboo status. He discusses past moments where a clash in thought lead to teachable moments.

He also claims that after engaging in a debate with medical experts, ultimately, the experts had to agree that steroids to provide a manageable way towards enhanced performance. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s safe in the long term. But like many other drugs that are available more publicly – perhaps a middle ground can be reached in the future. Making steroids (or any drug for that matter) “the villain” only makes it more dangerous. More open discussions and honest education to the public will ultimately make the community safer.

Towards the end of the interview, Milos makes a point to acknowledge that he thinks Vlad doesn’t agree with everything he’s been saying about steroids and insulin. While that might be an assumption – the interview as a whole further proves Milos’ point. Honest conversations like these help inform people on all sides of the argument. But the work doesn’t stop there. Each individual most second guess, fact check, and research on their own after witnessing these kinds of open internet sources of information. In a perfect world, that’s the kind of value the internet could bring to any field of interest.

You can watch Milos Sarcev’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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