Been wondering what Calum Von Moger’s up to these days? Now you have your answer.

In an exclusive Generation Iron video release, Calum Von Moger shared his most recent home workout routines, plus updates on his current physique. You can check out the video above for a fully detailed recap of Calum’s workouts.

The star of an all new documentary currently on Netflix titled Calum Von Moger: Unbroken has hit over 100 million homes thanks to Generation Iron Network.

As you can probably tell from the brief update he shared, Calum has been keeping up with his fitness at home and shows no signs of letting his physique waste away in quarantine. Probably the most interesting fact he shared is that he warms up before his workout with 30 reps of dips before heading straight into some powerful bicep curls. Warming up is definitely as essential; if you’re serious about gaining huge mass, doing a light workout to activate your muscles (and help them metabolize better!) before a longer, more strenuous workout is a must.

Calum von Moger also showcased some intense back training in a recent Instagram post.

The Future of Calum Von Moger’s Physique During Lockdown

You can also check out some progress shots he shared of his physique at the end of the video. Despite gyms being closed nearly worldwide – Calum Von Moger has been able to maintain a monstrous physique with his home workouts. Perhaps there is hope for bodybuilders during this long shutdown after all.

His physique at this point perfectly represents how a bodybuilder’s should look outside of competition. He’s ripped, but not the totally dehydrated shredded you would expect of a bodybuilder a few days out from a competition. Bodybuilding is all about cycling and making sure you hit the sweet spot of your peak physique right when a show is about to come. Clearly, Calum understands that, and is able to keep himself in good shape while preserving his best physique for when he really needs it.

It appears Calum hasn’t lost any gains despite being stuck at home, which is a difficult feat to accomplish. Only time will tell what he can achieve once he’s finally able to return to the stage. If his history is any indication, there are a lot more wins in the future for Calum Von Moger.

Calum has also unveiled an all new CBD line he has been supplementing during quarantine called ACE CBD Co. Which helps with anxiety, recovery, pain relief and more. He’s been complementing his Staunch supplement stacks with the new CBD line and fans are loving the products.

Here’s How to Train Like Calum

But Calum isn’t the only one stuck at home. We all are in the same boat until this global crises ends. If Calum’s home workout videos are inspiring you – maybe now is the best time to start training like Calum himself. You can check out his workout training membership program right here – featuring a wide variety of training plans customized by Calum Von Moger himself.

*All images and media courtesy of YouTube.

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