Joey Swoll doesn’t normally do sit down interviews. So when we were able to sit down with him for a recorded one on one conversation – we were surprise that he ended up talking to us for over an hour. We’ve released GI Exclusive highlights from the interview over the past few months. Now we’re releasing the full interview including topics such as Joey Swoll’s origin story, the Shredz scandal, death threats in social media, weed and bodybuilding, and the Brandon Curry Olympia controversy – among many other topics.

Joey Swoll is the proof of concept for the power of social media in bodybuilding. He’s become a successful entrepreneur and did so using influencers and the power of his own social media brand. But of course with that kind of spotlight comes the dark side of the internet and social media. Joey was involved in a company, Shredz, that went through a few scandals before he left the company entirely. He also faced death threats via social media when a user was able to hack his phone number and publish it online.

Joey has seen ups and downs but through it all he focused on his work ethic to pull through and make a successful life for himself in bodybuilding. He’s passionate about the sport and follows pro competitions and shows up at all major expos. That’s why we took the time to also ask him about trending topics in the sport such as Arnold Schwarzengger’s call for drug testing in bodybuilding, how social media bodybuilders compare to star competitors, and whether or not weed is an effective tool during training for bodybuilders.

You can check out the full hour plus GI Exclusive interview above!

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