Brad Castleberry discusses how he has no interest anymore in lifting like a powerlifter as that only leads to long term injury.

Brad Castleberry may be often criticized about allegedly lifting fake weights. But if you believe the kind of weight he’s pushing up in his videos then you know he is someone who has often indulged in ego lifting. If Castleberry is an athlete with such incredible strength with massive inhuman lifts, why doesn’t he enter into the world of powerlifting? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Brad Castleberry explains that he believes to have matured past wanting to lift massive amounts of weight like a powerlifter.

When asked if he would ever consider competing as a powerlifter, Brad Castleberry was very quick to say no. For those who believe Castleberry lifts fake weights, they most likely will not be surprised by that answer. But Castleberry makes a point to explain why he has zero interest in powerlifting. He believes that he has “matured past” the mindset of powerlifters.

It’s at this moment he makes it clear that he does not mean to discredit professional powerlifters and what they do. But in the same breath, he also states that it is short-sighted to partake in something as intense as powerlifting. Pushing that kind of weight for sport will only lead to an eventual injury. The kind of injury that will stick with you your entire life. Brad Castleberry used to be interested in doing these kinds of insane lifts, also known as ego lifting when done outside of the powerlifting sport. But no longer – he has grown up and is more “mentally clear” today. He doesn’t want to be a dummy and hurt himself.

While it might not necessarily be tied into a person’s maturity – Brad Castleberry does have a point when it comes to a competitive sport like powerlifting and potential injury. But it should be said that this is largely the case with most professional sports. Football, basketball, and even bodybuilding on a professional level all pose potential risks. It’s the kind of sacrifice a professional athlete is willing to make in order to achieve greatness.

It seems like that kind of mindset doesn’t concern Brad Castleberry. And why should it? He is able to make a living off of his physique, influence, and personal businesses without risking injury. That’s his decision to make. But for those who see the shocking videos of Castleberry ego lifting insane amounts of weight, fake or not, his answer might come as a shock to those that follow him.

You can check out Brad Castleberry’s full response in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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