We are not used to discuss our age in terms of “biological age”, which means how old our body really is, no matter how old we are in years. Those two do not always overlap!

We can measure how old we are with two measurement systems, biological and chronological. The biological age measures how much time has passed since we are born, and the chronological age is how old our body really appears to be.

Biological age can be determined in a couple of ways. One way to determined it, which has been used by scientist, is measurement of one’s telomers, which are the protecting the ends of chromosome. They are protecting the ends of the chromosomes from deteriorating or merger with a neighbor chromosome, and by doing it they are influencing cells life (their age and when they will die).

Grossman Wellness Center (Denver), led by doctor Terry Grossman has conducted a study on this matter. Their conclusions are that whenever one cell divides, their chromosomes are changing (the end of the chromosomes telomere). They concluded that there is a correlation between biological age and telomere length. This means that shorter length of telomers implies shorter chronological (and biological age), and vice versa.

But, there are other ways to determine your chronological age, and they are quite simple, so you check it by yourselves.

Test Your chronological Age

 To test chronological age of your body stand up with the feet kept together and then bend while you keep your legs fully straight. The idea is to find out how much you can reach down to the floor with your hands without feeling pain. You may bend the legs but very slightly if keeping the legs too straight makes you really uncomfortable. Now check what does it means in the terms of chronological age:

If you are able to touch the floor with whole hands while your legs are straight and the muscles are entirely relaxed, and the body feels elastic, than you have chronological age of average 20 to 25 year old person.

If you are able to touch the floor with just with fingertips, with legs straight or when you are  slightly bend in the knees, but you have not felt any discomfort while doing it, the flexibility of the muscles is good, it means that  you have chronological age of average 35 to 38 years old person.

If you are able to touch just toes or feet but only with bent knees or straight legs and while doing it you feel discomfort it means that you have tension in muscles, and it means that  you have chronological age of average 38-50 years old.

If you cannot touch your feet at all, or you can do it, but only if you bend your knees a lot, because doing it with straight legs cause too much pain and discomfort, it means that you have chronological age of over 50 years old.

These facts bring some good news too. It means that your flexibility and elasticity depends on you.  You can reverse aging process of your muscles by starting with regular stretching regimen that will boost your elasticity. It has also been proven by scientists that regular stretching regimen together with healthier lifestyle, will keep the telomer’ length as they are.

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